Continuing Medical Education CME

Caswood DirecTeam CME
builds audiences for live Continuing Medical Education events.

Continuing Medical Education Providers know that delivering new scientific and clinical findings to practitioners is a challenge in today’s regulatory environment. Direct mail and telemarketing campaigns often don’t reach the right people. Half filled rooms raise costs and trigger cancellations.

DirecTeam CME™ uses proven methods to help CME Providers reach intended audiences for live events. We’ve doubled attendance of practitioners in appropriate fields and maximized attendance overall.


DirecTeam CME’s medical marketing expertise and network of CME specialists give CME Providers a powerful advantage:

  • We use face-to-face communication to maximize attendance at live CME events and to augment other methods like direct mail.
  • Our network of CME specialists have therapeutic category knowledge.
  • We match CME specialists’ expertise to the event.
  • DirecTeam CME specialists are based where the program is held.
  • Caswood’s Reporting Capabilities provide clients with real-time reports of who has been contacted and who will attend.
  • Caswood’s Support Services let CME providers concentrate on program development.

By using our resources, CME Providers can dramatically increase their audience while strictly complying with the ACCME and OIG Guidelines.

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