Caswood Celebrates 25 Years

In December 1995 the pharma company I was working for was purchased and like most of my colleagues in Rochester, NY our jobs were gone. The idea of owning a business had always been present but it wasn’t until then that I seriously contemplated starIng my own company.   After considering all my options I decided…
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Persistence is key to businesswoman’s success – El Mensajero

Casamayor said she wasn’t sure what she would do after earning her degree. Upon graduation, though, the university gave her a directory of employers and she began calling every number on the list in alphabetical order, she added.

“Every day, I would call 10 companies until I got to P,” Casamayor said.

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Career Transition: Is There Another World?

Hands-on experience increases your knowledge base as a clinician. It’s how you grow and progress naturally in the field. But then what? Is that were it ends? Does a nurse only do hospital-based shift work, office-based patient care, or work in acute surgical settings?

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Why Hire a Medical Recruiter or CSO?

Incorporating a personal touch and combining my passions has resulted in my current position as a Clinical Recruiter for a medical recruitment agency and Contract Sales Organization (CSO) based in Rochester, NY. This kind of recruitment service has been gaining momentum in the pharmaceutical world because it provides a way to fill and create effective and efficient clinical teams, even as downsizing, reorganization, and mergers are occurring at an accelerated rate.

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