Our Management Team

Caswood’s management team is superbly qualified to design and execute profitable, high-performing sales programs for the biopharmaceutical and health care industry that comply with all industry regulations and corporate mandates. Our seasoned managers combine industry-specific professional expertise, including compliance, with a commitment to remain innovative, adaptive, and responsive.

We encourage open, direct communication with all stakeholders, and stay on top of dynamics in the field to keep clients informed, so they can continuously refine methods and improve results.

Our management team includes:
  • Isabel Casamayor, President

    Isabel Casamayor is an experienced executive in the pharmaceutical industry and an entrepreneur who has delivered superior outsourced sales solutions for pharmaceutical and health care companies....

  • William Hauer, VP Business Development

    Experienced life sciences executive with expertise in pharmaceutical launch planning, commercial leadership and sales force development. Bill began his career with Schering Plough in 1985. He...

  • Kathy Alvaro, VP Project Management

    Kathy Alvaro is a business professional with a versatile skill set developed through experience in project and brand management, call reporting, market research and marketing analysis....


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